Clash of Clans being such a famous and widely used gaming app because of its simplicity which makes it easy to be played by anyone and keep them engaged as people tend to check their villages often. Now, people look for cheat codes which are mostly related to the procurement of free gems since gems are one thing that can make your game or let you lose it.

In this article, we will see and learn more about Clash of Clans cheats but before that let us look at some of the tips for beginners so they can smartly play it. Listed below are some tips on how to go about it.

  • Gems are the game’s premium and hard-earned currency, and you should use them wisely as they can be used for various purposes such as the production of armies or finishing upgrades. 
  • New players often look to upgrade their town hall as quickly as possible, which is one of the biggest mistakes on their part; this is known as rushing. This can unlock new buildings, but it can put you at a significant loss if you have not built up and upgraded your existing facilities. Your pre-erected structures should always be upgraded first, and then you should proceed to build other structures. 
  • You should always build as many Gold and Elixir collectors as is allowed by your current Town Hall and level up those collectors as frequently as possible. 
  • Find other idle players that have been inactive for a while. Seek out to those players that have gold mines or even elixir collectors, and you can quickly loot them.
  • Clash of Clans allows users to purchase shield time so that the other players can’t attack you. Even when your shields are up, you can use your horde to attack Goblin villages in single-player mode. You cannot win trophies for destroying a Goblin village but if you are smart, don’t just dump 100 warriors on the field, and you can make some quick cash in the game.

Let’s talk about COC Cheats Now

While many websites claim to provide cheats for winning gems, these are not authentic and do not work. Several of these contain harmful viruses and may rob you of your data or harm your computer too. The safest Clash of Clan cheats that are of no harm is following the tips and tricks and leading your game in such a way that you are sufficient enough to win on your own accord.


  1. Always keep your army camps at full capacity.
  2. Start with the laboratory upgrades for wall breakers. Once the lab has finished, cancel the queued wall breakers. 
  3. Queue up as many wall breakers as possible in your barracks. 
  4. As your army camps are full, the Elixir will be “spent” and will no longer be at risk.

There are several ethical ways to obtain free gems such as clearing trees, unlocking mystery boxes by completing challenges and achievements.